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Ray's Flamin' Hot Sauce 

Stone the flamin' crows, Ray's got himself a hot sauce business.



GoDaddy set us the task to encourage more Australian businesses online. So we got Aussie legend Ray Meagher to rally Aussie businesses owners to build their small business a website, because it's so easy even he can do it! So thats exactly what he did.


We kickstarted the campaign with teaser films from the man himself – urging his fans to stay tuned for his new business venture. Ray launched his Flamin' Hot Sauce with an even hotter GoDaddy website to match. Ray's Flamin' Hot Sauce sold out in just days and exceeded targets across the board. The campaign format was repurposed for GoDaddy UK featuring the UK Harry Redknapp's Roly Polys. 


Shortlisted for B&T, AdNews and Mumbrella Awards.

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