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Spike Lee vaccinates Brooklyn
Uber - NY - SoHo Domination - 05-24-21.j

Uber US


45% of Americans do not have a reliable means of transport to a health centre to get the COVID vaccine. Uber has donated 10 million rides to ensure that underserved communities across the US are able to access the vaccine. But to vaccinate the block, we needed people from the block. Trusted messengers who came from these very communities. 

The campaign, starring Spike Lee and directed by Tyler Mitchell, saw the Academy Award winner visit his own Brooklyn block. Spike emphasises that nobody should have to miss out on an appointment just because they cannot afford a ride, or because of their address, income or skin colour. Next, we created a social media content series, with doctors, local personalities and community advocates who established trust and credibility.

Uber encouraged millions of Americans to come together as communities to help close the inequlity gap in order for everyone to get vaccinated. They delivered 2 million free rides in the first month, while even prompting President Biden
and Lyft to get on board.

The campaign ran on TV, online and social media across the US.


  • 2M free rides to vaccinations in the first month

  • $2.4M in public donations toward more free rides

  • 92% positive response

  • 1 tweet by President Biden

Webby Awards 2022: Advertising, Media & PR: Integrated Campaign Winner

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